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Video Promotions

Are you having a book launch, or want your spiritual service promoted in some way? Do you want your workshop turned into an online course or set of DVD’s?


I can help you by offering to create videos that you can use to share on social media or incorporate into your website. Having a youtube presence is a must now, and having professional looking content is important. People are turning more to video, which you can put direct links leading to your website. Youtube is great for advertising.


Also online courses are on the increase. Once an online course is created, you can promote it through social media. This is a wonderful way to earn extra money, as once they are bought from a customer, they can be access from around the world. Just think, you too can have a passive income stream of your own. I can help set this up for you.


I Offer:

  • Filming your Workshop, Event, or Products

  • Video footage incorporated into your Website, or turned into DVD’s

  • Setting up of Online Courses, or Skype Meeting Courses

  • Help with Promotional Marketing Ideas


Prices are fully competitive:

£800 Full Day Video & Photography Shoot + 1 Week Editing

£400 Half Day Video Shoot+ 1 Week Editing


Ready to make into DVD's or upload them to a Youtube Channel.

Portrait & Video Profiles.

Filming Workshops, Lectures & Live events

Online Courses & Website Lead Pages.

Promotions & Marketing.

Album Covers.

Plus anything else you may need.

*These include: Final Editing, Logo, Banners, Transitions,

Titles and Royalty Free Music

You're welcome to call me to discuss your ideas, I'll be happy to help.

You’re welcome to take a look at the videos ive created, I have other projects im working on at the moment and will update this website often. Thanks for taking an interest.

Rachel Blackwell Artisit & Illustraitor

International Best Author Ayn Cates Sulvian - Book Launch

Professional Counseller Adrian Rooke - Website Promotions

Adrian Rooke's Ogham Necklaces & Wands - Facebook Advert

Adrian Rooke's Ogham Necklaces & Wands

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