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Video & Photography of Events

Video & Photography for all your Event needs:

I offer a full service of video and photography for all your promotional needs such as:

  • Corporate Functions & Team Building Events

  • Filming Workshops & Lectures (Turning them into DvD's or Online Courses)

  • Live Events & Bands on Stage

  • Creative Album Covers

I bring a complete location studio and can set up on location quickly and efficiently

If you're planning a corporate function or team building event. Then i can help you to capture the highlights of the day, as well as video your lectures.

I can help people who have workshops and want to turn them into "online courses" to as a way to earn passive income. Check out my online serves here. I can also make these videos into DVD’s or promotional material.

Similarly if you're in a band and would like video & photos of your stage performances at live music events, I can work in low light conditions. This footage you can use for promotional purposes such as Websites and Youtube videos. If you wish, we can also arrange a day to take professional art based photos for your Album Covers.

"I like to offer people the best value for money when it comes to events & promotions. We all have skills to share, so I like to help people showcase their talents online. I can provide you with a raw or final edit of a video. Together with professional photographs"

Video & Photography for all your Event needs:

Prices are fully competitive:

£800 Full Day Video & Photography Shoot (+1 Week Editing)

£400 Half Day Photography+ 1 Week Editing


Package May Include The following, Where Needed:

About a weeks work Colour Balancing and Edit Photo files.

However, Fully edited Videos may take longer to produce (within two weeks)

Videos include: Final Editing, Logo, Banners, Transitions, Titles and Royalty Free Music

Ready to make into DVD's or upload them to a Youtube Channel.

Portrait & Video Profiles.

Filming Workshops, Lectures & Live events.

Online Courses & Website Lead Pages.

Promotions & Marketing.

Album Covers.

Plus anything else you may need.

You're welcome to call me to discuss your ideas, I'll be happy to help.

Live Events and Workshops HandFasting Pagan Photographer By Kieron Sibley
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