Video & Photography for all your Event needs:

I offer a full service of video and photography for all your promotional needs such as:

  • Corporate Functions & Team Building Events

  • Filming Workshops and Lectures

  • Live Bands on Stage

I bring a complete location studio and can set up on location quickly and efficiently

If you're planning a corporate function or team building event. Then i can help you to capture the highlights of the day, as well as video your lectures.

I can help people who have workshops and would like their session video recorded. I can then make the this into DVD’s or promotional material for use online.

Similarly if you're in a band and would like video & photos of your stage performances at live music events, I can work in low light conditions. These you can use for promotional purposes such as Websites and Youtube videos. I can also arrange for a days photo shoot for Album Covers.

Prices are fully competitive:

£800 Full Day Video & Photography Shoot. Together with follow up service of editing. This includes final edit, ready to make into DVD's or upload to Youtube (includes logo, banners, transitions and titles)

£400 Half Day Photography of Live Events, Album Covers, Filming Workshops and Lectures for promotional needs

Exclusive 50% Discount !! Available for Limited Time Only

You're welcome to call me to discuss your ideas, I'll be happy to help.

I like to offer people the best value for money when it comes to events & promotions. We all have skills to share, so I like to help people showcase their talents online. I can provide you with a raw or final edit of a video. Together with professional photographs

Live Events and Workshops HandFasting Pagan Photographer By Kieron Sibley
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