Promotions & Products

Do you need help with advertising or better promotion in some way?

I can help you with all your promotional needs and provide professional material. Many in the community are offering spiritual services and id like to help.

I Offer:
•    Website Design & Seo Search Engine Optimisation
•    Professional Head Shots for Social Media Profiles
•    Professional Photos of your Products & Crafts for Online Shops

Im offering to help design or re-design your website to make them google and mobile friendly. If you would like your website to convert better, get more sales and bookings I can help. Over the years I have learnt several processes which help with search engine optimisation, as well social media marketing. Call me to discuss what you would like your website to do, and we can formulate a plan.

As part of helping with peoples websites, I like to offer my services so that you can get the best photos available. Everyone needs good photographs of themselves online. This helps convey a professional approach. Professional head shots are important not only for your website but for social accounts like Linkedin and Facebook, as well as Facebook groups.

Do you need professional photographs of your beautiful crafts and products, so that you can sell on ebay or other online stores?. If so, I can create professional quality images of your items. Shooting items in a studio lightbox removes shadow areas, which allows the item to stand out more. Making them Ebay or Amazon friendly. These types of images maximise on your potential customers that you may attract, and convert better.

Prices are fully competitive:

£800 Website Design. Website Initial Consultation. Design includes Research into the Competition / Keywords / Back End Coding / Setting up of Business Pages / SEO of the site and blog posts. Also includes a Promo Video.  

£400 Half Day Photoshoot may include the need to create New Quality Images & Video for you website. Photographs of your Spiritual Services, youre Arts & Crafts. Head Shots and Profiles, for use on your website and for Promotional Needs.

£200 Once the website is complete, there are opportunities to implement Marketing Strategies, with an Overview & Planning, tailor made to suit your needs.

£200 One off Side Projects were needed, such as Book Launches or Bigger Projects.


*I also offer a Follow up Maintenance Service. Whereby I can implement Maintenance of the website, Updates and various Marketing Strategies on your behalf. Implement side projects and anything you need for your website. This is by arrangement, usually in the form of a 30hr retainer per month.

* I can also set up Online Web Stores and Online Courses where you can earn a Passive Income online.

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You're welcome to call me to discuss your ideas, I'll be happy to help.

Many people in the pagan community are making such wonderful things, but find it hard to produce good looking photos of them.  Id like to help people capitalise on their hard work, by giving professional quality images.

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