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Wedding Hand Fasting Ceremonies:

Full service for all your wedding needs

"I am a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates And Druids. As a practicing druid myself, I know about the importance of ceremony on these special occasions and the sensitivity needed. Balancing sensitivity with a professional service. If you choose to hire me, we can discuss appropriate moments to take photographs. I can also offer you some pointers on things you may not have considered for your wedding day, such as logistics & prep"

I offer a professional service for a Full Day Wedding Photography. This includes the following: Getting Ready, Arrival on Site. The Ceremony itself, First Kiss. Group photos of Families. Informal photos of Friends. After the Ceremony, Bride & Groom Portraites. Also, if you would like, we can set aside an additional day as a Romantic Shoot.

If you would like me to be present at another location or stay on for the evening reception, then this includes the following: Speech, Cutting the Cake, First Dance, Impromptu photos of Friends.

When the job is complete: I can offer you the finished photo files to do with as you will (you get Full Licensing Rights!). Alternatively I can upload them to a private web page for your friends and family to order their own prints from. This is often the easiest way for you to organise your own prints and showcase them to your friends. All you need to do is share the website link and the access code of the private page. This can be shared between friends via social media. As part of this service I will also create for you a wonderful slide show of your special day.

Update: Im now in the position of offer video as well. This would be secondary in priority to taking photos. This involves setting to equiptment up and have it running in the background. I can then produce a wonderful video for you, based off this footage.

You're welcome to contact me, have a chat & discuss your needs.

Don’t chance your wedding day to mobile phones! Hire a Professional Instead.

"Nowadays I see that many couples are choosing to take the risk of recording their special day with mobile phones. You can get some good results, but theres nothing compare to the experience of someone who can actually produce professional quality images. Weddings are an important day and so you need to get things right. The service I offer is to capture those special moments, create wonderful photos for you and make it as stress free as possible. Anyone can take a photo, but only professional photographers can paint with light lol.”

​Prices are fully competitive:

£800 Full Day Shoot (+1 week editing of your wedding day)

£400 Half Day Photo Shoot (+1 week edit). This is a separate Event set aside to take Couple Portraits & Romantic photos.

These packages include the following:

*About a weeks work Colour Balancing and Edit Photo files. Create a Slide show as a wonderful reminder. Slide show can be uploaded as a video to Youtube to share with friends.

*Film, Edit and Create a Video as a secondary priority to taking photos.

*Includes Wedding Event Insurance & Associative Bodies.

You're welcome to call me to discuss your ideas, I'll be happy to help.

Hand Fasting
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